Gaurav Agarwal- President

Born in 1978 in Jaipur, Gaurav Agarwal has over 16 years of experience with international jewelry industry. In 1997, Gaurav established his own unique brand in the Semi precious stone studded jewelry sector with single vision of "LETS GROW TOGETHER".

As the President of Navrattan Enterprises, Gaurav discoverd the hidden treasures surrounding him with marginal people and artists alike. With the development of Navrattan, he now has the potential to provide creativity in the simplest of things, with his information and strategies to satisfy the customer.

Ruchi Agarwal- Design Head

Gaurav’s wife Ruchi Agarwal, a graduate from renowned Design Institute, now leads the designing team which includes a panel of creative and trained professionals. They as a team, design new fashion-forward and core items to add to the collection every season.

The company’s business model consists of over 200 skilled, expert artisans who endeavor to design, produce and distribute best stone studded jewelry trying hard to match customer requirement at each single point.


Our staff is empowered with a mission:

1. To develop, produce and sell high quality jewelry.
2. To help our customers to get the maximum value for money.
3. To protect worker interest and nurture professional growth.
4. To remain a loyal business group.